07/24/11 - Official rules approved 
12/13/11 - Revision for body float and Plymouth p/n  85-4843 (Paul Goldsmith) declared eligible
12/22/11 - N. America Championship race date confirmed.

03/18/12 - Updated motor section to indicate handout motors already have noise reduction electronics removed.
02/10/12 - Rescheduled event for 5/5/12 to avoid Mother's day conflict
03/16/12 - Revision for rear wheel assembly width and Dodge Charger p/n 85-4842 (David Pearson) declared eligible

DATE/TIME: (all times Eastern)
National Event:  Saturday, May 5, 2012

The North America Final race will be held at Great Traditions. Track opens 8am for practice. Tech inspection will start at 10am with racing starting at about noon.

Regional Events: Click on the "Other 2011/12 Sanctioned Regionals" menu option on top of this page.

Any shops, clubs or slot car organizations interested in holding a regional event contact Robert Holt by phone (908-397-7886) or e-mail (holtr371@yahoo.com)

Only Monogram brand cars are allowed. At the time of this publication, current versions allowed are:

Ford 1963/1965 Galaxie, Part no.: 04887 (Ned Jarrett), 04888 (Fireball Roberts), 04894 (Dan Gurney), 08333-04892 (Fred Lorenzen), 08342-04891 (Marvin Panch), 08343 (Junior Johnson)

Ford 1967 Fairlane, Part no.: 04827-08527 (Wendell Scott), 04828 (David Pearson), 04895 (Mario Andretti), 04831 (Parnelli Jones), 04836 (Dick Hutcherson)

Chrysler 1967 Plymouth, Part no.: 85-4843 (Paul Goldsmith)

Chrysler 1966 Dodge Charger, Part no.: 85-4842 (David Pearson) 

As they are introduced, newly released cars will be reviewed and added to the above list if eligible. Pictured below are (L-R) the Fireball Roberts Ford Galaxie, Paul Goldsmith Plymouth GTX, Ned Jarrett Ford Galaxie, David Pearson Dodge Charger, Dick Hutcherson Ford Fairlane.

Monogram Grand National Cars

This will be a box stock race series as supplied by Monogram. Only those modifications listed are permitted. Any modifications not specifically addressed in the series rules are not legal and will not be permitted. Any variations to these rules must be approved in advance by GTSLOTS.

Bodies may not be modified, lightened, or cut in any way - including wheel wells, body posts, interiors, etc.  EXCEPTIONS: Sharp edges and burrs may be trimmed or sanded slightly only to permit clearance for the proper seating of the body onto the chassis.  Cars must start each race with all parts intact except for mirrors, wipers, and antennas.  Bodies can be custom painted; however, they must have numbers and should have the appearance of the Grand National race cars as raced during the mid 1960�s.  Bodies must be attached to the chassis using the appropriate screws in the stock locations.  If body screws are run loose, tape must be placed over the holes in bottom of chassis.  Windows must remain transparent.  The complete interior must be used and no modification or lightening is allowed.

NO TRACTION MAGNETS.  Minimal sanding of the edges of the chassis, including sharp edges and burrs is permitted to allow for the body/chassis to float and to allow for the necessary clearance for the proper seating of the body on to the chassis.  (Note: Where material is removed for the purpose of allowing float, the gap or space between the chassis and the body may not exceed .032 [the thickness of a plastic credit card {Caution: some credit cards contain magnetic strips that can be damaged by magnets as used in electric motors!}].)  Body mounting posts on the chassis may not be modified in any way other than removing burrs and sharp edges.  No modifications to axle mounts front or rear is permitted.  Front axle support assembly must be in place with all parts, no modifications, the wheelbase locating strips in place on top set for the proper wheelbase for the body being raced, may not be shimmed for height adjustment, and the 4 mounting screws snug in place.  Axle shims are allowed to reduce side play in the axle assemblies.  Stock bushings may be glued in place.

Only the stock front and rear wheels may be used, and may be lightly sanded for the purposes of truing.  Wheels may be painted if desired.  For the front, only the original Monogram rubber tires as supplied with the car must be used.  Front tires may be both glued and trued, but the original tread pattern must be visible.  Rear tires (Super Tire 1700C) will be supplied on race day by the Regional/National host track.  The original track of the front axle/wheel assembly must be maintained and may not be changed.  The track of the rear axle/wheel assembly may be adjusted by moving the gear side wheel on the axle but may not exceed a maximum width of 2.235 when measured across the outside of the wheels.  A plastic spacer(s) may be utilized between the gear and the wheel hub to assist in setting the overall width of the rear axle assembly.  CA (Super) glue may be used to repair loose wheels.  No chemicals may be used on the tires.

Only the stock gear ratio (11/37) is allowed.  CA (Super) glue may be used to repair a loose spur gear.

Only the original Monogram stock guide blade is allowed and may be shimmed by no more than .020 (.5mm).  Only Monogram #85-5117 or Carrera #26361 pickup braids may be used and must be attached to the guide through the use of the flattened eyelets (attaching system as designed by Monogram).  Any manufactures� lead wire and eyelets may be used.  Lead wires may be routed above or below the front axle, but must be below the front axle assembly upper plate.  Lead wires may be soldered to the eyelets, but may not be soldered or glued to the braid or guide accordingly.  (NOTE: It may be necessary to adjust the fold over tab on the braid a few thousands of an inch for a proper fit in the guide blade for the flattened eyelets to pinch and hold the braid in place properly.)

Only the provided handout (Monogram stock FC130 20k @12volts) motor is legal for all events and will be supplied by GTSLOTS to the race host prior to the race date.  Motors will be pre-tested (a report form will be supplied), will be supplied pre-lubricated with pinions (Slot-It 11 tooth 6.5mm) already installed (and properly adjusted), and must be used as supplied.  Noise reduction devices that appear on the stock motors have been removed from the handout motors by Monogram.  Pinions on handout motors are not to be moved on the motor shafts.  Racers/Tech Inspectors will be responsible for the soldering of the lead wires to the motor tabs without overheating the tabs and causing damage to the motor.  Motors must be returned and received by GTSLOTS no later than the Wednesday of the week following the conclusion of the race event along with the completed motor status and race results report forms.  No chemicals (example: Voo Doo drops, etc.) shall be added to the motor.  (NOTE: Based on the motor mounting system built in to the chassis, no additional materials are required to hold the motor in place.)

Weight may be added to the inside of the chassis (NO weight may be attached to the underside of the chassis.)

Suggested 11 volts (Note: track power will be set at 11 volts for the N. America finals and the GTSLOTS regional races)

PRIZES: Race organizers who have previously hosted a GTSLOTS Sideways or Racer Resin regional event will be given a special limited edition Revell/Monogram Gulf Livery Daytona Cobra, to be given as a prize to the first place finisher at your Grand National regional event.  Approved regional race hosts who have NOT previously hosted a GTSLOTS Sideways or Racer Resin regional event can obtain this car to award as a first place prize for a nominal fee of $49.  Approved regional race hosts can purchase additional cars at a price of $99 each (limit 6).  See picture below:


Monogram Gulf Daytona Cobra

RACE PROCEDURES: (as to be used at the N. America finals and GTSLOTS regional events):
- All participating race cars will be inspected to insure rule compliance. A few test laps (the number to be determined by the race organizer) will be allowed prior to the finial inspection.
- Cars will be impounded after the inspection process and drivers cannot touch their cars unless done under green flag race conditions under the observation of a race official.
- Any controller is permitted, provided that the controller does not store an electrical charge.
- The race director for the event (the race organizer holding the event) will have the final determination if any questions or conflicts arise.
- For any clarification of the race procedures being used at the National Championship please contact:

Robert Holt by phone (908-397-7886) or e-mail (holtr371@yahoo.com)
Bob Kuss by phone (610-996-0595) or e-mail (