The 2012 Monogram Grand National North America Championship race was run Saturday, May 5 2012 at Great Traditions in Philadelphia, PA. Participants came from regional qualifying races held across N. America, from Western Canada to Florida.

After installation of handout motors and tires, tech inspection was completed.  Racers were then given 10 laps to test their cars, and their best lap time was used to seed qualifying order, placing the top lap times in the middle of the pack, to keep those with best lap times racing next to each other.

At the end of the first segment, Dan McCollum took the lead with 286 laps.  Bob Kuss came close, putting up the same lap number but finishing a few track sections behind Dan.  Then the top 3 qualifiers rotated in, Joseph Rosales, Dave Hoffman and Sam Barbose. 

Dave experienced some issues on the red lane, but came back strong and put up a high lap total at that time of 74 on the blue lane, and was positioned to take the overall race lead.  Joseph and Sam both started strong, producing 73 laps each on the outside gutter red lane, with Joseph getting the advantage by a lap on the middle yellow and blue lanes.  Sam came back strong with a race high total of 74 laps on the insider gutter white lane, but was not enough to catch Joseph, who won the race by a lap over Sam. 


01. Joseph Rosales......295
02. Sam Barbose.........294
03. Dan McCollum........286
04. Bob Kuss............286
05. Dave Hoffman........286
06. John Grover.........285
07. Martin Dixon........285
08. Hugh Hampton........283
09. James Drayton.......281
10. Chip Bell...........281
11. Dean Kirkpatrick....279
12. Joe Rose, Sr........276
13. Dutch Cloud.........275
14. Andy Smith..........270
15. Robert Holt.........259
16. Lawrence Jordan.....245

(ties broken by finishing position on the track)

All North America Finals race participants were awarded the limited edition Monogram Gulf Daytona Cobra, pictured below. Thanks to Rich Shanfeld, owner of Great Traditions, for his usual exceptional hospitality and generosity in putting on these events.

 Monogra Gulf Daytona Cobra

Monogram Gulf Daytona Cobra



Monogram National Finals Top 3

Top 4 finishers (L-R): Joseph Rosales (1st), Sam Barbose (2nd), Dan McCollum (3rd), Bob Kuss (4th)

2012 Monogram Gr. Nat. Finals Results

Scoreboard With Lap Totals by Race Segment