The 2013 Racer Sideways Group 5 North America Championships were run this past Saturday November 16, 2013. 16 Racers who either advanced from prior qualifying races this season, or had prior championship exemptions, participated in the championship race at Great Traditions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Handout silicone tires , and hand out Slot.IT 20.5k flat six motors, pre-tested to be within 300 RPM variance, with 11T pinions were used. After cars passed tech inspection, drivers were given 20 laps to get a feel for their cars with the new motors and tires. In addition, the driver's best lap time during that period was used to determine the starting lineup order. Those with best lap times were grouped in the middle of the lineup, those with the highest lap times were placed at the extremes of the lineup. In this way, those with the lowest lap times ran together in the round robin format. 

Top qualifier was Robert Holt, with a 6.774 best lap time, closely followed by Sam Barbose with a 6.776, Dave Davis at 6.876, and Bob Kuss at 6.879.

Time to start the race. Each racer would run 10 minutes on each of the 4 lanes on the banked Carrera layout. After the first four drivers rotated in, Martin Dixon set the pace completing 296 laps. Next up was Bob Pomann, then Dan McCollum. Each set new high lap targets as they completed their runs, Bob with 318 laps, then Dan with 323 laps. They would wind up finishing 6th and 5th, respectively. The next four racers entering were the top qualifiers.

Marshalls suround the track to get deslotted cars back into action

Racers in action (L-R): Dean Kirkpatrick, Matt Wormley, Scott Kozokas, Don Wormley

Race results, including lap total, car used, and controller used:

01. Robert Holt........330, Capri, Third Eye
02. Sam Barbose........327, Capri, Third Eye
03. Dave Davis.........327, Capri, Third Eye
04. Bob Kuss...........325, Capri, Third Eye
05. Dan McCollum.......323, Capri, Third Eye
06. Bob Pomann.........318, Capri, DiFalco
07. Dean Kirkpatrick...314, BMW M1, DS
08. Alex McCollum......309, BMW M1, DiFalco
09. Matt Wormley.......309, Capri, Professor Motor
10. Arron Moore........307, Porsche, Third Eye
11. Scott Kozokas......307, Lancia, DiFalco
12. Don Wormley........300, BMW M1, Professor Motor
13. Lawrence Jordan....298, Capri, Third Eye
14. Martin Dixon.......296, Capri, Third Eye
15. Paul Pearlman......293, Capri, DiFalco
16. Andre Harris.......285, BMW M1, DiFalco

Scoreboard, including laps per lane and best lap times per lane (smaller print next to lap total/lane)

(ties broken by finishing position on the track)

Top 4 finishers (L-R): Robert Holt, Sam Barbose, Dave Davis, Bob Kuss

Setup for the winning car was as follows:

Racer Sideways DP Riley
Lexan Riley interior
Handout Slot.IT 21.5k orange endbell motor, 12T pinion
Slot.IT 33T 18mm spur gear
Slot.IT CH45 Sidewinder pod, 1.0mm offset
Sideways stock front wheels
Stock guide
Slot.IT SP18 tin plated braid 
Slot.IT PA19-Als aluminum 17x10 aluminum rear wheels
Handout Slot.IT PT17 S2 silicone rear tires
Slot.IT SIPT19 Slick, 15.5X8 front tires
3.5gm lead weight underside of lexan interior, just front of motor
No suspension

Congratulations to all that participated, including Matt Wormley and Alex McCollum. Both 12 year olds did a great job, each finishing in the top 10. Each of the 16 racers received the limited edition Sideways Group 5 Porsche shown below as part of their entry fee.

Finally, thanks to Rich Shanfeld, owner of Great Traditions, who put on yet another successful event, and displayed the usual generosity and hospitality. 

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these Limited Edition Martini Sideways Porsches should contact Rich at Great Traditions (267) 250-1735.