Completing "Championship Weekend" at Great Traditions in Philadelphia, PA, the 2014 Racer Resin North America Championships were run Sunday September 14, 2014. As was the case with the prior day's Scalextric Vintage TransAm championship race, 17 racers from 5 states participated in the championship race.

As part of their entry fee, drivers received handout Slot.IT silicone tires, and a hand out Slot.IT 21.5k orange endbell motor, both which they kept. The motors were pre-tested to be within a tight RPM variance, with 12T pinions pre-installed. 

After cars passed tech inspection, drivers were given 10 laps to get a feel for their cars with the new motors and tires. In addition, the driver's best lap time during that period was used to determine the starting lineup order. Those with best lap times were grouped in the middle of the lineup, those with the highest lap times were placed at the extremes of the lineup. In this way, those with the lowest lap times ran together in the round robin format. 

Top qualifier was Dave Davis with a 7.0671 best lap time. The next 3 best qualifying times were posted by Martin Dixon at 7.143, Dan McCollum at 7.187, and Paul Pearlman with a 7.315.

The race started, 10 minute round robin segments on each of the 4 lanes. First to complete their 4 lane run was Mike Burke, making his first appearance in the finals, and he ran some very competitive segments, finishing with 293 laps and taking the initial lead.

Bob Kuss was next up, setting a new standard for the lead with 304 laps. As the race progressed, Paul Pearlman ran some consistent segments, and took the lead with 310 laps. But Martin Dixon recorded the first 80 lap lane runs, doing so 3 times and taking the lead with 317 laps. 

Next up was Dave Davis, who battled back and forth with Dixon in the first 2 segments, then started to stretch out in the last segment. His lap total of 323 was threatened by Dan McCollum, but Dan fell 4 laps short, good enough for 2nd place. So Davis followed up his Saturday TransAm championship with a Racer Resin LeMans Classic championship. Following Davis and McCollum were Martin Dixon in third, Robert Holt in fourth, and Arron Moore in fifth.

Winning Car Setup:
Racer Resin Ferrari 312p
33T Slot.IT sidewinder spur gear
12T Slot.IT sidewinder pinion
Slot.IT aluminum 15.8 x 8.2 mm magnesium front wheels
Slot.IT SIPT20 front tires for Ferrari 312PB
Slot.IT aluminum 17.3 x 8.2 mm rear wheels
Slot.IT SIPT18 silicone tires  
Slot.IT SICH10 screw mount guide
Slot.IT 1mm tin plated copper braid  
Slot.IT 1mm sidewinder drop pod (endbell drive configuration)
Slot.IT SIPA01 turned center rear axle
Slight amount of weight added behind guide

Full race results are below. Larger numbers are for lap totals in gutter red, yellow, blue and gutter white lanes respectively, followed by total for the 4 lane run. Smaller numbers above each lane lap total is best lap time for that lane. Controller each racer used is on far right, above racer's finishing position.



Race participants


Top 4 finishers, L-R:  Martin Dixon 3rd, Dan McCollum 2nd, Dave Davis 1st, Robert Holt 4th


Dave Wickham's Ferrari 312p closes in on Scott Keck's Ferrari and James Drayton's Porsche 935k


Thanks to the drivers that made the trip from Michigan, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Also thanks to the track owners who put on regional races for this series.


And another big thank you to Rich Shanfeld, owner of Great Traditions, for being a great host and a great asset to slot car racing.