The 2014 Scalextric Vintage TransAm North America Championships were run Saturday September 13, 2014. 17 racers from 5 states who either advanced from prior qualifying races this season, or had prior championship exemptions, participated in the championship race at Great Traditions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

As part of their entry fee, drivers received handout Slot.IT silicone tires , and a hand out Slot.IT 21.5k orange endbell motor, both which they kept. The motors were pre-tested to be within a tight RPM variance, with 12T pinions pre-installed. 

After cars passed tech inspection, drivers were given 10 laps to get a feel for their cars with the new motors and tires. In addition, the driver's best lap time during that period was used to determine the starting lineup order. Those with best lap times were grouped in the middle of the lineup, those with the highest lap times were placed at the extremes of the lineup. In this way, those with the lowest lap times ran together in the round robin format. 

Top qualifier was Robert Holt, with a 7.431 best lap time, closely followed by Dave Davis with a 7.449, Dan McCollum with a 7.552, and Bob Kuss with a 7.594

For the championship race, each racer would run 10 minutes on each of the 4 lanes on the banked Carrera layout. Craig Washington took the initial lead, finising with 291 laps after finishing his 4 lane run. Hugh Hampton was the next racer in, and he assumed the lead with 305 laps. 

A few drivers later, Dave Davis rotated in, and finished with high lap totals on the day for the read and yellow lanes. Robert Holt entered the race after Davis, but he and his car fell apart, starting with braid  issues, resulting in a braid  falling out of the car and some quality time in the pits. 

Dan McCollum came in after Holt, and matched Davis' lap totals on the blue and white lanes, but Dave's first to lanes gave him enough laps to become the 2014 Scalextric Vintage TransAm North America Champion.

Following Davis were Dan McCollum in 2nd, Hugh Hampton in 3rd, Mike Marciano in 4th (just started racing in regionals this year), and Bob Kuss in 5th.

Full race results are below. Larger numbers are for lap totals in gutter red, yellow, blue and gutter white lanes respectively, followed by total for the 4 lane run. Smaller numbers above each lane lap total is best lap time for that lane. Controller each racer used is above racer's name.



Race Participants


Top 4 L-R:  Dave Davis (1st), Dan McCollum (2nd), Hugh Hampton (3rd), Mike Marciano (4th)


Thanks again to Rich Shanfeld, owner of Great Traditions, who as always put on another successful event, and displayed the usual generosity and hospitality, as confirmed by the many racers who said how much fun they had at the event, regardless of their finishing order.