The 2015 SRC Lola T600 North America Championships were run this past Saturday December 5, 2015 at Great Traditions in Philadelphia, PA.  21 racers who either advanced from prior qualifying races this season, or had prior championship exemptions, participated in the championship race. Handout Quick Slicks silicone tires, and hand out GTSLOTS Piranah 21.5k motors, pre-tested to be within close RPM and torque variance, were used.  

After cars passed tech inspection, drivers were given 20 laps to get a feel for their cars with the new motors and tires. In addition, the driver's best lap time during that period was used to determine the starting lineup order. Those with best lap times were grouped in the middle of the lineup, those with the highest lap times were placed at the extremes of the lineup. In this way, those with the lowest lap times ran together in the round robin format. Top qualifier was Dan McCollum, with a 6.793 best lap time, followed by Robert Holt with a 6.797, and Hugh Hampton at 6.806.

Time to start the race. Each racer would run 10 minutes on each of the 4 lanes on the banked Carrera layout. After the first four drivers rotated in, Mike Marciano set the pace completing 318 laps. Al Hernandez matched that total, but finished a few sections ahead of Mike to assume the lead. The next driver in was Dan McCollum, who surpassed the previous high lap total by 18 laps, taking the lead. That lead was safe until Hugh Hampton started his run. Hugh set high lap total for the day on the gutter red lane with 83 laps, and looked well on his way to taking the lead. Unfortunately he had some mechanical issues but to his credit, he continued driving through them, but they severely affected his last two 10 minute segments.

Bob Kuss rotated into the race, and tied the high lap total on red, then proceeded to set high lap total on the next two lanes, and finished a lap ahead of McCollum. The lead looked pretty safe until Scott Kozokas started his run. Scott had consistent runs of 85 laps on the middle two lanes, setting up for his final run. He needed 86 laps to take the lead, but fell 2 laps short. Bob Kuss held onto the lead, and becomes the 2015 SRC Lola T600 North America champion. A well deserved win, Bob puts a lot of time in helping others get their cars prepared, and has been just on the verge of winning one of these championships for years, was good to see this breakthrough.  Results are below:

01. Bob Kuss..........337
02. Dan McCollum......336
03. Scott Kozokas.....335
04. Sam Barbose.......331
05. Martin Dixon......331
06. Robert Holt.......330
07. Bob Pomann........329
08. Lawrence Jordan...326
09. Arron Moore.......326
10. Jon Wang..........321
11. Paul Pearlman.....319
12. Hugh Hampton......318
13. Al Hernandez......318
14. Mike Marciano.....318
15. Dean Kirkpatrick..314
16. Josh Hans.........314
17. Eric Hans.........308
18. Dario Hernandez...297
19. Bill Watkins......294
20. Joe Winans........277
21. John Barton.......276


Winner Bob Kuss being crowned champion


All race participants received a limited edition SRC Lola T600 "Miller" livery, pictured below:


Field of cars entered in order of finish. Winning car is the yellow #7 on bottom left of picture


Winning car chassis and setup information


Parts list for car build:

Guide – Slot.it CH85
Braid  – Slot.it SP18
Wire – Slot Car Corner Super-Flex Silicone
Eyelets – NSR
Front axle – stock
Front Wheels – Stock plastic w/inserts
Front Tires – Slot.it PT15
Rear Bushings – Racer Sideways SWB01
Rear axle – Slot.it PA01-51
Rear Wheels – C. B. Design 15x11 5-spoke racing
Rear Tires – Quick Slicks CB48XF
Motor – GTSlots/Piranha 21.5k
Pinion – Slot.it PS12 (12 tooth/6.5mm)
Spur Gear – Slot.it 36 tooth/19mm (old style)
Spacers – Slot Car Corner & NSR (as needed)
Weight – as needed (see above picture)

Click here to download spreadsheet including laps and best lap times per lane, and various tire/gear/motor/weight information for all entered cars.


Click here for race highlights video