The top 4 qualifiers from a specific regional race event, are guaranteed a position at the National Finals for that specific car class event.  If any of the top 4 race finishers in a qualifying event had previously qualified in another regional for that class in the same race season, the next highest qualifier is eligible for the finals.  Any race prizes earned by race finishing order are NOT handed down to the next highest qualifier. 

If any of the 4 qualifiers at any race cannot make the national final race, they must communicate this as follows:

1. A qualifier must state they are unable to attend the final, via an e-mail (preferred) or phone call.  This must be communicated to a GTSLOTS National Race Events coordinator (see list below), or the regional race director who organized and has run the sanctioned event in their area.

2. The qualifier who states that he is unable to attend the final must be told (explained to) that his position will be given to the next highest ranked qualifier from that regional race, and that this decision is irrevocable. The National Race Events coordinator, or regional race director must then provide the name of the next highest qualifier (upon acceptance) to Robert Holt to have their name posted on the GTSLOTS.COM website.  This is necessary in the event that the original qualifier does come and wishes to participate at the National and there are already 4 qualifiers prepared to race. If the substitute person's name has not been posted as the replacement and the original qualifier protests, Rich Shanfeld will make the final decision using the information provided on the website.

3. Only those names from the original list of race participants can be drawn upon to replace someone who can no longer attend the Nationals. No outside appointments, persons who did not enter the regional race at that event can be chosen.

4. When replacements for qualifiers are chosen, the race director of that particular regional event will determine the person/s chosen and will choose by order of finish making a reasonable attempt to contact those persons. After a reasonable attempt to contact the next alternate the race director may go down the list in order, contacting the next individual able to attend the National event until he has exhausted his/her list of entrants.

GTSLOTS National Race Events coordinators:

Rich Shanfeld (

Robert Holt (holtr371@yahoo.com)