Regional Race Organizers

1. If interested in hosting a regional event leading to one of the National Finals listed on the GTSLOTS.COM website, contact Robert Holt via e-mail, at: holtr371@yahoo.com  or via phone, at (908) 397-7886.  Confirm your address, your organization (retail store, club, etc.), where you plan to hold the event, and approximately how many attendees you feel will attend. 

2. Robert Holt will explain next steps to you.  You are strongly encouraged to follow the national rules as documented on GTSLOTS.COM for the class of cars you plan to run.  However, local changes can be made regarding type of tire used, for example. 

3. Confirm you have a venue for the event with appropriate facilities for rest room(s), pit space area, and parking.  Track including timing and lap counting system should be confirmed to be operational.  Track surface should be cleaned, and depending on what tire compound is used, several laps may need to be run just prior to the event to ensure proper grip.

4. Ensure you've started publicizing the event at least 2 months ahead of the event date.  When planning the date, take note of other events that may be scheduled which might draw the same racers as your event, and try to avoid conflicts. 

5. If you plan to use the GTSLOTS pre-tested hand out motors for your event, make sure you let Robert Holt know this in your initial conversation with him.  Ideally the motors should be sent out one week prior to your event.  If you do not have them by that date, contact Robert to confirm status.

6. If there is a special car offered by GTSLOTS to be awarded as a race prize, contact Rich Shanfeld for details, at richardshanfeld@comcast.net, or via phone:   (267) 250-1735.

7. It would be a good idea to post a hard copy of the rules for your regional event where racers can see them the day of the event.  Prior to race start, review track calls and other race stoppages if applicable.  Solicit questions on the rules, race format, etc. from the racers prior to starting the race event. 

8. If using GTSLOTS handout motors, please ensure you return them to GTSLOTS within 2 days of your event, as the motors will need to be re-tested, and packaged for the next destination, which at times will be the following weekend. 

9. The top 4 race finishers qualify for the national finals to be held at GTSLOTS in Philadelphia, PA.  For specifics on this, including a provision for alternates/substitutions, please click here.

10. If your local rules are not consistent with national rules, please ensure you indicate to the 4 qualifiers from your race that they will need to follow the national rules, and point out the differences between the local rules.

For any questions regarding the above, feel free to contact Robert Holt, holtr371@yahoo.com